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Chimney Master Flex Rods and Poly Brush Chimney Cleaning Kits 5/8" NPT

These Kits are great for customers who want to safely clean they're chimney without going to the top of the chimney. The design of this system is based on two important factors. The first is that the rods are made out of a flexible poly material allowing them to be able to be turned into tight spots. The second is the brush is basically flat, made from a soft thin poly material and is oversized allowing it to be turned and forced into small openings and even though the brush is soft it cleans based on the fact that is larger than the size of the flue.THE FIRST ROW OF KITS INCLUDES AN 8" DIAMETER BRUSHTHE SECOND ROW INCLUDES A 12" DIAMETER BRUSHTHE THIRD ROW INCLUDES A 16" DIAMETER BRUSH.