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ENERVEX Chimney Fan

View: Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-9
Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-9

Our Price $2,499.00

View: Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-12
Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-12

Our Price $2,999.00

View: Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-14
Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-14

Our Price $3,299.00

View: Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-16
Enervex Chimney Fan - RS-16

Our Price $4,499.00

The Enervex chimmey fan will solve most draft problems, usually at a lower cost than construction. The fan mounts outside, atop the chimney, where it literally sucks the smoke from the flue. Its motor is completely enclosed and maintenance free with air-cooled, pre lubricated, sealed ball bearings. It comes with a prewired junction box, a fan speed control, and a bird screen. It is designed for minimum energy consumption, using about as much energy as a regular light bulb. The Enervex chimney fan is made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel. It comes with a two-year factory warranty against defects in material and workmanship, a 10-year warranty against corrosion, and a six-month money back guarantee. Note: Before installing, check local codes and have the 110V wiring installed by a certified electrician. Step 1: To find which fan to order, first find the type of the appropriate size flue from this chart. Measure the inside dimension of the flue Round FlueSize TypeSquare FlueSize TypeRectangular FlueSize Type - 6" - A7" - B8" - C9" - C10" - D11" - D12" - E13" - E14" - E15" - F16" - F 6"x6" - A7"x7" - B8"x8" - C9"x9" - C10"x10" - D11"x11" - D12"x12" - E13"x13" - E14"x14" - E15"x15" - F16"x16" - F17"x17" - F - - 6"x10" - A7"x11" - C8"x12" - D9"x13" - D10"x14" - E11"x15" - E12"x16" - E13"x18" - F14"x19" - F15"x20" - F Step 2: Figure the fireplace opening size in square inches (Multiply the width x the height.) In the chart below go to the far left column and find the flue type (This is from Step 1: A-F). Then follow the line across to the appropriate Enervex Fan model. For see-through fireplaces calculate the area of each side. Then add 100% of the largest side and 50% of the other side. Use this combined area to figure the fan size below.Note: For round metal chimneys you will need an adaptor. Flue Type1-500 ABCDEF RS9RS9RS9RS9RS12RS12 RS14RS12RS12RS9RS12RS12 -RS16RS14RS12RS12RS12 --RS16RS14RS14RS12 ---RS16RS16RS16 The Enervex Chimney Fans have a 2-year Factory Warranty, a 10-year Corrosion Perforation Warranty and a 6-month Satisfaction Guarantee.IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE COVERAGE IT IS A PROVISION THAT A WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO ENERVEX WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF INSTALLATION. ENERVEX RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY WARRANTY CLAIM IF THE WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM HAS NOT BEEN MAILED IN.2-Year Factory Warranty We promise the original user that we will replace or repair as we may elect, any part or parts of the new ENERVEX Chimney Fan which are defective in material or workmanship without charge for parts and labor (not including labor for dismantling and installation, freight, etc.) during the first 2-years following the date of installation.10-Year Corrosion Perforation Warranty We promise the original user that we will replace or repair as we may elect, any part or parts of the ENERVEX Chimney Fan which are perforated due to corrosion without charge for parts or labor (not including dismantling and installation, freight, etc.) during the first 10-years following the date of installation. General Warranty Provisions What the user must do: We recommend that you contact the dealer where you purchased the chimney fan, however you may also contact ENERVEX directly.What is not covered: Any non-ENERVEX product which may be installed in or upon or related to the product is excluded.Limitations on our responsibility: Please carefully note that this is a two-way agreement. We promise to make free replacements as stated, but you agree that, except for our obligation to make good on this promise, we shall not be responsible for any expenses or inconvenience which you might incur or experience with respect to our product, nor shall we be liable for defects, damage or failures, caused by unauthorized alterations, unreasonable use, accident or abuse, including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance, after our product has been delivered to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. The warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.THESE WARRANTIES ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSES ARE EXCLUDED. AS ARE ALL OTHER REPRESENTATIONS TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER, AND ALL OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES, INCLUDING LIABILITIES FOR INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ON THE PART OF ENERVEX OR THE SELLER.6-Month Performance Guarantee This guarantee allows a customer to return an ENERVEX Chimney Fan for a full refund (not to include freight, installation or dismantling charges), if the customer should decide that, within six (6) months from the date of installation, the fan does not give full satisfaction.Warranty Claim Procedures When the dealer files for warranty coverage on behalf of the customer you must follow these warranty claim procedures.A. If filing a warranty claim under the Two (2) Year Factory Warranty or under the Ten (10) Year Corrosion Perforation Warranty, follow this procedure: 1. Call ENERVEX at 1-800-255-2923 and explain what the warranty problem is. Be sure to have model type, place and date of purchase available. If this information is not available, ENERVEX might not be able to accept your warranty claim.2. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, you will be given an authorization to ship the chimney fan back to ENERVEX, freight prepaid.3. If the chimney fan is returned for repair, the chimney fan will be returned to the customer as soon as the warranty claim has been satisfied.If the repair of the chimney fan involved repair of other parts than the warranty claim called for, EMERVEX reserves the right to charge the customer for such repair.B. If filing a claim under Six (6) Month Performance Guarantee, follow this procedure:1. Call ENERVEX at 1-800-255-2923 and explain what the problem is.2a. If the problem is that the application calls for a larger chimney fan than originally specified and customer wants a fan with a higher capacity, ENERVEX will replace the first chimney fan with the larger fan for the difference in price.2b. If the customer wants to return the chimney fan and receive a refund, the customer must furnish proof of payment including place and date of purchase.ENERVEX will inspect the returned unit upon receipt and the dealer will receive the refund within 30 days from receipt of the chimney fan. If any damages are detected on the chimney fan, ENERVEX reserves the right to charge for the repair and deduct that from the refund.