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Fireplace Grates

To determine the size fireplace grate you will need, simply measure the front and back width of the fireplace along with the depth from front to back. Generally, as a guideline the size of the grate should be about 5 inches less than these measurements for optimal air flow. Other customers will want the largest possible grate that will fit in the fireplace which is also fine. As far as price is concerned, if the fireplace gets used infrequently and budget is a concern a lower priced fireplace grate will probably work fine. Our simple cast iron and welded bar grates are heavier and higher quality than those in the large box stores. The hex shaped grates are slightly more expensive but are larger and will hold more wood. The higher priced stainless steel fireplace grates are very durable and can be used outside without rusting.  Another choice is the simple and durable one piece self-feeding fireplace grate. These grates are curved for optimal burning and the weight of these fireplace grates at 27 and 33 pounds make them a great value. The Pilgrim Ember fireplace grates are high quality and include an ember screen for better burning of small pieces of wood. The Lifetime fireplace grates speak for themselves, for a slighty higher investment these grates are built with one inch bars and carry a lifetime warranty.