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Vacu Stack for Air Insulated Chimneys

Vacu Stack for Air Insulated Chimneys

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    The ICP Vacu-Stack Cap is a great, economical, lifetime warrantied alternative for preventing downdrafts.If your chimney frequently experiences wind-related back-puffing, this cap could solve the problem. When the wind hits this cap it actually increase upward draft.
    ROUND FLUES:To attach the Vacu-Stack to relining pipe, just slide the base inside the pipe as far as possible and secure with screws.
    For SOLID-PACK, class-A chimney with sealed ends, push the cap into the sealed end chimney until secure. Silicon the joint where the chimney and cap meet.
    For air inslulated or (pipe within a pipe) type chimney use the AIR INSULATED CAPS.
    Note: To determine the size for all round flues simply measure the inside diameter of your chimney
    *100% stainless steel - Lifetime Warranty.*Free fast shipping and guaranteed price

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